[grandma's faith]

She looked down at the tissue in her hand, smiling through the tears, "He never forgets me. I forgot Him, but he never forgets me."
We got to visit my grandmother (on my father's side) today. She's such a dear old lady, always pointing us to God. She shared with us how lately she had become tired of everything, how she had just given up, and been ignoring God. But God was always faithful to send her loving reminders.

How often do we forget God? How often do we stop reminding ourselves that He's always there for us, and that He always has a plan? How easily we grow tired of our lives, exciting lives that God planned in stunning detail.

I'm so grateful for my grandma, and the life-long example of faithfulness, not through being a "perfect Christian," but through always being a repentant one.

Please pray for my grandma, she's been very ill, and is down to just a few pounds over 70. Ask God to allow her to continue to be a shining light for Him, all the way to the end.


  1. Aw!! What a sweet picture of you and she! Very thought provoking post, Isaac. *Too* often do we forget God...but, amen! He never forgets us. Isn't that comforting??
    I will be keeping your grandmother in my prayers. ♥ She is so blessed to have you for a grandson.

    It's funny how you posted about your grandma, the day before I get to go to *my* grandma's birthday celebration! :) She's turning 80!

  2. That is a sweet picture! I'll be praying for her!