[lessons from my pen]

Over the past week, I've recently embarked on a rather rigorous writing regimen. Though I can't share details on what for, I will as soon as I get it all figured out and put together. That's a promise.

Anyway, during this process I've discovered (or perhaps simply been reminded) that my style and method of writing is rather strange: I tend to begin to write something, based off of a slight emotion, or a feeling. A half-baked concept or conviction. Oddly enough, the well formed, fully constructed ideas are often times the harder ones for me to put on paper.

So most of the time, and with most of the various posts, articles, papers, essays, speeches and whatnots I write, I begin with one idea, and by the time I'm done it's completely different. Usually for the good of audience who receives it.

And then, as I thought more and more, I realized, God does the same thing throughout our lives; we have a plan, God changes it. We have an idea, God morphs it into a future. We have a feeling, God uses it to accomplish HIS purpose.

And you know what the best part is? Unlike my writing, when God changes it all up, you know it's going to be better than you ever imagined. We get to sit back, and watch our Creator work wonders in and through our lives.

Pretty awesome, right?

Sadly though, many of us don't welcome God's intervention the way we should. We protest, we complain, we insist we know the better way.

If C.S. Lewis sat down next to you and made a suggestion for your writing, would you take his advice? Of course! Gladly.

How much more should we accept with joy the hand of our perfect, loving, all-powerful, all-knowing God moving in our lives.

Just so there's no confusion, the musings category on my blog are just simple thoughts, questions, and ideas I have each day. They're usually fairly short, but who knows, maybe some of them will turn into something a little more substantial one day.


  1. Mmm...yes! Definitely awesome!! But yes, we do tend to protest, complain, and want it our way. :( Why can't us sinful creatures just realize that God has a far better plan for our lives!! In everything - family, relationships, work, etc. We need to DAILY dedicate the pen of our lives to Him...He knows everything about us, and He makes only the best happen for us. 'For we know that all things work together for good...to them that love God. To them who are called according to His purpose.' (Rom.8:28)

    Wonderful post, Isaac! Keep 'em up!

  2. This is really good, Isaac! That's exactly that way I write, too, so I know what you mean. I especially liked the C. S. Lewis comparison- it's so true! Thanks for the inspirational words!